What Is Vape Juice & What Is It Made From?

Vaping has become popular with many people worldwide, and there are various reasons why people vape. You may like experiencing the multitude of available flavours, or you may be trying it to help you quit smoking. Whatever reason you want to vape, the vape juice you choose is made from various ingredients, depending on the flavour you choose. Below are some of the most common ingredients in vape juice, so you know what they are made from and what they contain.

Propylene Glycol

Cigarettes contain thousands of different chemicals, but e-liquid usually consists of a handful of ingredients. One of the first ingredients is propylene glycol which is almost odourless and is usually a clear and viscous liquid. The name is often shortened to PG, and when looking at the different e-juices available, they will usually display the PG/VG ratio, which will determine how big the clouds of vape are that you blow. PG is an additive commonly found in the food industry and is something that you can find in your food, from everything from ice cream to popcorn and lots in between.

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycerine is the next primary ingredient to e-liquids, and this is the ingredient that helps create massive plumes of vape smoke. It is another common ingredient in the food industry, and you find it in various items such as caramel, toothpaste, and even soap. The liquid is viscous and colourless, and odourless, with a sweet taste, and it also has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. People will often shorten the name to VG, and it helps make the vapour smooth when inhaled, as it is the PG that gives you the hot on the back of your throat. If you are looking to blow more enormous clouds, you will want to choose an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio, or if you require more of a hot on your throat, select one with a higher PG ratio. Many will opt for a 50/50 ratio, and if you are going for one with a higher VG content, you will need to ensure it is suitable for your vaping device.


Nicotine is not always present in vape juice, as many people who enjoy vaping are not addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant and is made into a liquid. The liquid is usually available in various strengths, so you can select an e-liquid that suits your needs precisely. You will often find that the nicotine strength is in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg doses, and you can reduce the strength of your nicotine e-liquid overtime to help quit the smoking habit for good.


One of the final ingredients used in e-liquids is the flavourings, and if you have ever looked at the flavours available, you will know there are plenty of choices. Most of the flavours are artificial, and there are some strange concoctions you can purchase. However, although research is still in the early stages on the effects vaping has on humans, there has been some concern over some of the flavours available being detrimental to your health. You can click here to get more information on some of the flavours you may wish to avoid.


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